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Beginner Course

Beginner Course

Our Beginner Course intake occurs at the start of each quarter (i.e. Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct), each course is 6-month long. Training is held twice a week, on Wednesday evenings (7.00pm-8.30pm) and Sunday mornings (9.00am-10.30am) at Changi Japanese School. All beginners are highly encouraged to attend all sessions, as we place emphasis on building a strong foundation in all mmebers.

There are two parts to the beginner course:
1. First 3 months of Basic training
2. Second 3 months of Intermediate training

Once you complete the 6 months course, you can then join the club as an ordinary member and join free practice with the rest of the members.

There are no prerequisites and everyone above 13-years of age may sign-up, but potential members are urged to read and consider the following very carefully:
Kendo may be physically demanding and members are reminded that they will need to be healthy and reasonably fit to participate. It is also important to be mentally prepared to follow strictly to rules and etiquette of Kendo.

Numbers of participants in each class are limited to ensure quality of teaching. Commitment, strong interest as well as determination are essential in the practice of Kendo. Should you have any doubts, do reach out to us at