23rd East West Tournament

28 May 2017


23rd East West Tournament 2017

The time of the year for the East and West of Singapore kendo to face each other has come once again! The 23rd Singapore East-West Kendo Tournament will be held on 28 May 2017 at the Changi Japanese School.

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- 28 Apr 2017

April Training Venues

ACS Dojo will be closed till 16 May. Kindly refer to our calendar for updates on venue.

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- 24 Mar 2017

On training and supporting your local dojo

Guest post by SKC member Benjamin Au who is based in the USA currently.

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- 1 Feb 2017

SKC Sub-Committee Initiative

A great way to give back to the Kendo Community – that is the idea behind the SubCom! We are calling like-minded members of all grades – who would like to assist in facilitating the many activities that SKC conducts throughout the year.

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- 31 Aug 2016

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About Us

The Club was founded in 1972 by the late Lim Kwa Chwee sensei and from its humble beginnings the Club has progressed much over the past 40 plus years.

Accorded a National Sports Association status by the National Sports Council of Singapore since its inception, SKC receives much support from the Sports Council as well as the Japanese Association and the Japanese School. As a member of the International Kendo Federation, SKC conducts training sessions and regular grading for its club members as well as members from clubs affiliated to SKC in Nanyang Polytechnic, the National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University of Singapore.

Apart from the annual East-West Competition, Lim Kwa Chwee Memorial Tournament, National Championship and the Interclub Tournament (replacing the Singapore Youth Tournament), the Club has from time to time hosted regional events such as the ASEAN Kendo Tournament (last held in Singapore in October 2010). Outwardly, SKC also participates in the World Kendo Championships held every three years and visits other clubs in the region given the opportunity.

Today, the Club continues to grow with members of various nationalities practising the Way of the Sword together under one roof.


Singapore Kendo Club is under the stewardship of its executive committee, elected annually by the club's adult local members.

In the year 2016/2017, the committee is led by:

• Mr Eugene Chow, President
• Ms Daphne Wong, Vice President
• Ms Joyce Chia, Hon. Secretary
• Mr Gabriel Tong, Treasurer

and assisted by co-opted members Ms Teo Ching Hui and Ms Tong Yuyan.

The club would like to express its appreciation to everyone who on top of their work commitments take charge of its administration and organization.

Every member, regardless of skill level, has a role to play in the success of the club. Even if it is simply to attend each and every training session with discipline and dedication.


Kindly contact us at singaporekendoclub@gmail.com if you wish to send us any mail to our mailing address. Please do not send mails to the addresses above.




Annual General Meeting




23rd East West Tournament 2017




Mid-Year Grading




16th Singapore Kendo National Championship



Kanzaki Sensei Visit



Singapore-Malaysia Goodwill




Year End Grading




29th Lim Kwa Chwee Memorial Tournament

Join Us

Singapore Kendo Club conducts a 6-month beginners course

There are no pre-requisites and everyone above 13-years of age may sign-up, but potential members are urged to read and consider the following very carefully:

Kendo may be physically demanding and members are reminded that they will need to be healthy and reasonably fit to participate. And be mentally prepared to follow strictly to rules and etiquette of Kendo.

All beginners are required to attend BOTH and EVERY Wednesday evening sessions (7pm - 8.30pm), and Sunday morning sessions (9am - 10.30am) at Changi Japanese School for the duration of their course. Absentees will be discouraged from continuing, as they will disrupt the progress of the class.

Numbers of participants in each class are limited to ensure quality of teaching. Commitment, strong interest as well as determination are essential in the practice of Kendo. Should you have any doubts, please discuss them before joining the class as you may deprive others of a chance to join.


If you have carefully considered the above and would like to be contacted for the next class, please email to skcbeginners@gmail.com with the following:
• Name
• NRIC/Passport No.
• Age
• Gender
• Contact Number
• Occupation

We will contact you 2 weeks before class commenencement with venue and timing details.

*Please note that membership fees and induction fees are subject to changes without further notice.

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For new beginner enquiries:

For other enquiries: